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Intellego Technologies is a research and development company from Sweden. Founded in 2011, Intellego has grown to become the global leader in colorimetric indicators that are utilized worldwide to validate UV-C devices and promote the safe, effective and efficient use of germicidal ultraviolet disinfection.

At Intellego Technologies, our goal is to save lives by designing visual indicators that enable you to see the effect of invisible ultraviolet light. Whether it’s through our consumer line, SmartSun Bands, or our UVC Dosimeters that respond to germicidal UV-C to validate disinfection processes, our patented photochromic technology brings it all into focus to create safer environments and better outcomes with ultraviolet light.

Intellego Technologies is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden and serves a global clientele with representatives in Europe, Asia and North America.

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World leading technology

Since its founding in 2011, Intellego Technologies has grown to become the world leader in photochromic indicator technology, preferred by Academic Researchers, OEMs and used in Industry Applications around the world. 

Highest quality

With its patented photochromic ink that changes color based on exposure to ultraviolet irradiation or specific substances, Intellego produces the highest quality dosimeters in a variety of formats and custom options.

Every corner of the world

Intellego Technologies is headquartered in Stockholm, with product development and manufacturing based in the southwest region of Sweden. We have business development professionals who cover every corner of the world

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