UV Assure 0-100 mJ dosimeter card

UV Assure Dosimeter Cards

0-800 mJ/cm² range

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  • 2.5″ x 3.5″ inch cards with adhesive strips
  • 28 indicators per pouch

UV Assure Dosimeters allow you to ensure your materials are receiving an optimal dose of ultraviolet irradiation during the Curing process. Designed, tested and manufactured in Sweden, UV Assure Dosimeters provide real-time, easy and accurate validation of the UV dose to support your manufacturing processes.

UV Assure Dosimeters are offered in three measurement ranges for use with UV Curing equipment using 395 nm.

PLEASE NOTE: This product is designed to work with 395 nm UV-A devices.

Product details
  • Thin (0.2 mm), flexible indicators for use in narrow spaces
  • Designed with adhesive backing for placement on any object or surface
  • Intended for use in curing with UV-LEDs at 395 nm
  • Indicator temperature tolerance: 15-70° C | 59-158° F
  • 3-year shelf life
  • Single use only
  • Packaged in resealable mylar pouches
  • Private label and customization available
  • Polypropylene material is recyclable
  • Store indicators in original packaging at 0-40° C | 32-104° F
  • Keep away from direct sunlight
Instructions for use
  • To use, place an indicator on any surface or material that will cured with UV-A LED devices (395 nm). Make sure the yellow indicator area faces the UV light source. After exposure, use the color reference to determine if the desired dose of UV energy (mJ/cm²) was achieved.
  • UV Assure Dosimeters are intended for one-use-only and should not be reused. Store at room temperature and away from direct sunlight.

Photochromic dose indicators provide visible measurement of applied UV energy (395 nm) in a dose range up to 800 mJ/cm.

Private Label is available. Minimum order quantity 10,000 units. Contact us for details.

Visibly demonstrates the accumulated dose of UV-A so you can confirm that a surface has received an optimal dose of ultraviolet irradiation during your Curing process.

Designed, tested and manufactured in Sweden. Read more about Intellego Technologies here.