UV Assure™ Dosimeters

Ultra-thin, flexible and accurate, UV Assure Dosimeters are designed to validate ultraviolet irradiation in virtually any UV Curing application.

UV Assure Dosimeters allow you to ensure your materials are receiving an optimal dose of ultraviolet irradiation during the Curing process. Designed, tested and manufactured in Sweden, UV Assure Dosimeters provide real-time, easy and accurate validation of the UV dose to support your manufacturing processes.

UV Assure Dosimeters are offered in three measurement ranges for use with UV Curing equipment using 254 nm:

10-50 mJ/cm²  |  25-100 mJ/cm²  |  50-200 mJ/cm²

10-50 mJ/cm² range

25-100 mJ/cm² range

50-200 mJ/cm² range